Golf's real-time green reading system that uses your stance to calculate where to aim your putt and the optimal speed needed to hit your putt!


Our patent pending training aid helps you train your eyes and feel for different slopes around the green while at the same time providing you with putt speed training.  Integrating multiple senses in your green reading helps you build trust and confidence so you can make more putts and lower your scores!


Slopegraide works anywhere! Designed to adjust to you, Slopegraide allows you to calibrate the sensor to your standing posture so it always gives you an approximate read while on the green.  Take your green reading and putting to the next level with Slopegraide!





Robust stabilizing clip design that can be used on a belt, belt buckle, and other golf apparel



Approximately the size of a poker chip



Rechargable battery via microUSB with a manual on/off switch

Approximately takes 60-90 minutes for a full charge



Lightweight, not noticeable when worn!



Bluetooth LE 4.0


Visual Feedback

LED Indicator



iOS only (for now)

An Android version of Slopegraide is coming in December 2020!


Slope Measurements

Imperial U.S. (reference points up to 30 ft)

Metric (reference points up to 10 m)





Displays the approximate duration to the hole when struck 18 inches past the hole (in the iOS app)



Each order contains the following:


- 1 Slopegraide wearable sensor

- 2 interchangeable belt clips

  • One regular fit and one slim fit for thin golf apparel

- 1 microUSB charging cable

  • Takes approximately 60-90 minutes to charge sensor



iPhone or Apple Watch is NOT included with purchase.


  • Orders will be shipped between 1-2 business days.



    Please be aware that the buyer is solely responsible for border/duty taxes that may apply for international shipments and they are non-refundable.

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